Port Vila Tanna Council of Chiefs formed

Police and the Tanna Nikoletan Council of Chiefs witnessed the formation of Nusiak Nawal.

The chiefs from Tanna residing in Port Vila have decided to form a council to address social problems concerning their people living in town.

The Port Vila Tanna Council of Chiefs will be working closely with the Tanna Nikoletan Council of Chiefs and police in Port Vila to address crime and other issues. The council in Tannese language is called ‘Nusiak Nawal’.

President of the Tanna Nikoletan Council of Chiefs, Kuaiei Willie Lop, Superintendent of the Port Vila Police Station and Deputy Commander South, Alan Bani and senior police officers witnessed each of the chief representatives put pen to paper to form the council recently.

The chief representatives came from all Area Councils on Tanna: Nafe, Nepraineta, Narak, Nanu Neta, Nahwal Natwar and Naka.

Superintendent and Deputy Commander South Bani commended the formation of Nusiak Nawal.

He stressed that a lot of times police faces difficulty in identifying suspects in criminal cases.

Deputy Commander South said the formation of the chiefs council in Port Vila will help make the work of police easier.

The Acting Chairman of Nusiak Nawal, Moses Kauh, said the association will work to ensure that respect is given to the people of Efate and others living in Port Vila.

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