Political parties rallying for provincial elections

Different political parties are now looking forward for the provincial election coming up after the dissolution of the provincial government councils in March.

The provincial governments that will go to election are: TAFEA, SHEFA, MALAMPA, TORBA, and PENAMA.

Daily Post spoke to different councillors from different political parties in Tanna, SHEFA and MALAMPA constituencies and they all say they are now working towards the provincial elections.

It is understood that Vanua’aku Pati’s Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC) on the island of Tanna will have a one-day meeting this week or early next week to finalize all the candidates for the election.

On the island of Tanna each elected member of parliament will field one or two of their candidates for the provincial election and the RCC meeting will finalize all the candidates.

On the constituency of Efate, two councillors of the Graon mo Jastis Pati will now contest in different political parties due to the party policy.

The party already has their replacement and it is yet unclear on the numbers of councilors to contest under different political parties but the work is underway for that elections.

Daily Post spoke to one of the members of RCC for VP of Malekula constituency and he confirmed that the party will field four candidates for the provincial election.

National United Party (NUP) on Malekula held their RCC meeting last year and finalised the names of their three candidates for the election.

Other political parties too that are not mentioned here continue to work hard towards this provincial election.

The date of the election will be announced by the Electoral Office as soon as the mandates of the councils end.

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