Political Lobbying Intensifies

Lobbying for numbers to form Vanuatu’s next Government is continuing in earnest after the official declaration and the countdown before Parliament sits.

The notice of the first sitting of Parliament has not been sent out yet, pending the official gazette of the declaration of the names of 52 Elected Members of Parliament.

According to the official declaration Graon mo Jastis Pati has 9 elected MPs, Vanua’aku Pati 7, Reunification of Movements for Change 7, Leaders Party Vanuatu 5, Union of Moderate Parties 5, National United Party 4, Iauko Group 2, Rural Development Party 2, Nagriamel 1, Vemarana 1, Vanuatu First Party 1, People Unity Development Party 1, Vanuatu Progressive Dev. Party 1, Vanuatu National Dev. Party 1, Ngwasoanda Custom Movement 1, Vanuatu Liberal Movement 1, Green Confederation Party 1, Vanuatu Progressive Party 1 and Vanuatu Cultural Self-Reliance Movement 1.

Daily Post was informed by a source that the next government will not be the same coalition in the previous government.

Presidents of different political parties are now lobbying between themselves to have the majority numbers to elect a Prime Minister when Parliament convene.

The source says that VP along with few parties with one candidate did sign a Memorandum of Agreement and their numbers have increased. The same goes for Union of Moderates Parties and other major political parties.

“Discussion are still underway between all of them to secure simple majority or absolute majority before parliament meets,” the source said.

24 hours is a long time in Vanuatu politics thus political parties have a lot of time to negotiate, pending of the notice of first sitting.

It is early days to be speculating about numbers, however the next few days will indicate the allegiances of these major political groupings and political parties with one, two and three MPs each, all which will decisively result in the formation of the new government.

Apart from the normal tactics now more than ever smart politicians have to step up their bargaining as ‘horse-trading’ intensifies and will continue to do so in the Parliament chamber.

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