Political Campaigns End

Overseer to the Vanuatu Police Force (VPF), Superintendent Namen Kali. Photo: File

Police in the capital will be dealing with anyone who continues to advocate or promote political parties or candidate following the official closing of all political campaigns at midnight yesterday.

Briefing the local media yesterday afternoon, Overseer to the Vanuatu Police Force (VPF), Superintendent Namen Kali said by midnight all posters were expected to be removed and members of the public are not allowed to make any awareness on any political parties or candidates.

“Police will be enforcing this regulation in compliance with the law, commencing today and will be taking this very seriously.

“Anyone caught breaching this electoral regulation will be held accountable for committing an electoral offence and will be dealt with accordingly,” Kali warn.

The warning was also extended to individuals and social media users who are using the different social media platform, particularly, Facebook and YouTube to refrain from making any new posts, either as a statement or a video relating to politics, a political party or candidate in particular.

Joe Iati, Director of Electoral Office has clarified that any posts or videos posted on social media prior to midnight can remain on social media. He reiterated that only new posts regarding a political party or candidate made on social media will be regarded as campaigning, thus, it is against the law.

Meanwhile, the VPF Overseer has acknowledged all political candidates and supporters for adhering to the police awareness during the political campaign period, which resulted zero campaign incidents.

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