Police officer accused of being drunk and getting samosas without paying

A resident of Port Vila has approached Daily Post yesterday morning to share his frustration after he witnessed one of the Bangladeshis selling samosas being treated rudely by a police officer allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

The resident who is a bus driver said he was at the parking area of Au Bon Marche at Korman when he saw the police officer coming out of the police caged vehicle and approaching the seller.

“He picked three samosas from the Bangladeshi and deliberately left without paying for them. He said something to the seller and then he walked towards the security guard.

“The police officer appeared to be drunk and was talking rudely,” he said.

The security officer said the police officer was telling him that they should not allow the Bangladeshi to sell his samosa in front of the store.

The security officer also conveyed that the officer seems to be intoxicated.

According to the resident and another eyewitness, the police officer was spotted directing vehicles that have been entering and exiting the National Convention Centre for the Vanuatu Institute of Teacher’s Education (VITE) graduation yesterday, after leaving Korman.

The other eyewitness said he recognized him as a police officer.

The resident stressed police are responsible for maintaining order and security and should not be treating members of the public unfairly.

“These Bangladeshis are stranded here away from home and their families. They are struggling to earn a little income to meet some of their basic needs.

“We considered country (Vanuatu) as one of the happiest place in the world. We have to show other people that we are decent people,” he stressed.

The resident said his daughter felt sorry for the Bangladeshi and paid for the samosas on behalf of the alleged drunk police officer.

Daily Post conducted the Acting Southern Commander for comment but he said he would not comment unless he receives a report on this alleged incident.

He said instead of approaching the media eyewitnesses should submit a report to the Police Professional Standard Unit for further action.

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