Commissioner of Police Albert Nalpini has been terminated.

Commissioner of Police (ComPol), Albert Nalpini, has been officially terminated.

President Obed Moses Tallis made the Order of Nalpini’s removal on Tuesday April 16, 2019 following advice from the Police Service Commission and consultation with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrew Napuat.

The Order was made in accordance with Subsection 7 A (1) of the Police Act [CAP 105] and section 21 of the Interpretation Act [CAP 132].

President Tallis previously suspended Mr Nalpini on September 19, 2018 on the advice of the Commission, and after consultation with the Minister responsible for police.

Nalpini had served as ComPol for one year and four months before his suspension in September and now seven months later he was terminated.

Daily Post was reliably told that Mr Nalpini’s termination was based on some serious misconduct in his office and that he attempted to file a case against the Police Service Commission earlier but the matter was discontinued before the Supreme Court last month.

Former President late Baldwin Lonsdale appointed Nalpini to the top police position in 2017, after court battles dating back to 2016. At the time, he urged Mr Nalpini to make the uniting of all force members and discipline in the force among his top priorities.

Late President Lonsdale who was aware of division within the force asked Mr Nalpini to settle the matter for the sake of the nation and to ensure public confidence in the police.

Before Mr Nalpini’s appointment, the role of ComPol was filled by five acting commissioners over almost four years.

The terminated Commissioner is a law graduate who entered the Force through the normal police recruitment two decades ago.

Robson Iavro, Commander of the Vanuatu Mobile Force (VMF) is now the Acting ComPol.

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