Police announces closure of Kumul Highway Tomorrow

The red line is the Kumul Highway that will be closed from Smet junction at the nothern tip to Aso Motors in the south. The detour is in yellow from Agathis access to other areas of Port Vila and Pango.

The Vanuatu Police Force has advised all road users of Kumul Highway in Port Vila that the main road running from the junctions at Asco Motors near the Parliament House to Smet at Tagabe will be closed tomorrow (July 23) for the Victory Parade.

The road closure will begin at 5am to mid-day (tomorrow Thursday 23 July) when the parade ends, according to a statement released by the police.

All roads connecting the Kumul Highway, such as the Lini Highway from Stade area will be closed off at the Kumul Highway junctions.

Police say all normal traffic flow will use the road from the Smet junction at Tagabe up towards Vila North School at Agathis, then to Anamburu before accessing the USP road via the VMF camp junction to get to areas such as Nambatu, Nambatri and Pango.

The Malapoa road junction will be closed off, this means that those residing at Malapoa Estate with vehicles will have to use the road going through Blacksand area before accessing Mele road to get to the Smet junction.

Similarly, the normal traffic flow from Mele will be diverted to the Smet junction and Agathis road.

Other roads near the Kumul Highway will operate as normal but vehicles and bus drop offs will be around the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation road and Shefa Province headquarter area, Police VANSEC House at Cathedral, White Gate at Independence Park, Tropical Market and Asco Motors.

The police will be under full operation tomorrow and alcohol consumption is advised against by the police as well as marijuana consumption, according to a police media statement.

Drivers are advised to maintain normal traffic flow and not stop in areas that may obstruct traffic. Any driver caught causing traffic disruption will be arrest, the police warn.

This road closure will only for the period of the march to open Vanuatu’s 40th Independence celebrations.

Members of the public are also advised that traffic flow between Agathis and Anamburu may be heavier than usual and to take care when crossing any road.

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