PM Loughman applauds Speaker’s performance

PM Loughman shaking hands with Speaker Shadrack during the handing over of a vehicle at the PM’s Office.

Prime Minister Bob Loughman said Speaker of Parliament Gracia Shadrack has displayed professionalism when executing his responsibilities during the Second Ordinary Session of Parliament.

PM Loughman said it was not easy for the young Speaker to take this responsibility and implemented the revised Standing Orders of Parliament but he did it with dignity.

Mr. Shadrack was elected Speaker of Parliament on April 20 this year.

He is bilingual, fluent in English and French. This was clearly presented during the Second Ordinary session of parliament.

His performance in parliament was commended also by many members of the public.

“The Standing Orders was just passed during the sitting to appoint chairmen of parliament committees and with the short period of time, the Speaker, with the help of the Parliament secretariat have done a great job by helping the Speaker execute his duties,” PM Loughman stated.

Loughman made this remark last week when he invited all the government backbenchers and his cabinet to the PM’s office to thank them for their support to the current government.

“I thank you for your solidarity and since we have different programs in the upcoming weeks, i want to wish you all a merry Christmas and happy New Year 2021 and i want to see this strong collaboration next year,” PM Loughman concluded in his address to the MPs and Ministers.

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