PM: Fight Against Covid Not Over

According to the PM, the Department of Foreign Affairs will inform the government of Philippines on how the body of the deceased will be disposed

Prime Minister (PM) Bob Loughman has reminded everyone to continue to practise good hygiene at all times as it is critical in the fight against coronavirus.

“The fight against coronavirus is not over yet,” he said.

“I’m requesting the general public to continue practising simple hygiene measures, such as washing hands with soap and covering your nose and mouth when you cough and sneeze.”

PM Loughman made the reminder on the importance of practising hygiene as a preventive measure against coronavirus when announcing the decision to restrict traveling out from Efate temporarily, following the confirmation of a positive case, a deceased foreign national.

He said all schools, public gatherings, supermarkets and other businesses are to continue normal operations but people must observe physical distancing and good hygiene practices at all times.

Some schools in Port Vila have cancelled classes yesterday, following advice from the SHEFA Education Office.

Malapoa College and Vila North School cancelled classes for the purpose of installing hand washing stations.

Malapoa College will resume classes once it completes installing permanent hand washing stations around its campus.

For Vila North School, secondary classes will commence tomorrow while kindergarten and primary students will resume classes later on Thursday this week.

The possibility of the case transmitting to another person is being ruled out.

The travel restriction order, which is effective till Wednesday this week has been taken to prevent any possible community transmission and to allow the Ministry of Health (MoH) to complete contact tracing for all close contracts, said the PM.

According to PM Loughman, the Department of Foreign Affairs will inform the government of Philippines on how the body of the deceased will be disposed.

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