Plans for Talise hydro switch on during Christmas holidays

MALFFB Third PA Swithin Adin helping the community of his village dig the trench for power cables — Photo by Ngwasoanda Media Facebook page.

Digging of trenches for electric cables for Talise Hypro power project at Maewo is reported to be progressing.

Community members from the three villages that will benefit from the project are participating in digging the eight kilometer long distance to be covered from Sulua at Talise to Narovorovo and to Nasawa in the south.

The work started in late June and is continuing with people in each village digging the trench, which is one meter deep and 30cm wide along their village boundary.

Third Political Advisor of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Biosecurity (MALFFB), Swithin Adin, himself from Talise and who has just returned from Maewo where he participated in the digging at his village said the Member of Parliament for Maewo, Ian Wilson, visited the villages on Monday, July 31, saw the people and was extremely impressed with the work.

“MP Wilson visited the project site at Talise, saw the main power station housing the turbine, walked the whole length of the pipe carrying water two kilometers up the hill to the dam and he could not believe the sheer enormity of the workload done by people manpower that went into the project,” Mr. Adin said.

“I often hear about the Talise Hydropower, but today after seeing this I now know your cry to have the project completed and the electric power brought to the homes of the people,” he added.

“Now I want you to know that I am going to be with you and we will complete the project by the end of the year and the power switched in the homes at a big celebration in December during the Christmas holiday.”

“His comments brought tears to the eyes of the many, who remember their members who died without seeing this final phase of the project, because they know they have someone who recognizes their struggle and will support them,” Mr. Adin said.

MP Ian acknowledged Peter Salemalo, the man behind the project and also a son of Talise village, for strongly standing by the villagers with the project.

He promised them an excavator from the Public Works Department now maintaining the roads in North Maewo will be engaged to help complete the trenches at places where big boulders could not be removed by the people.

In September, technicians from contractors Pelena from Australia will be on site to lay the electric cables and complete the connection to the main power station at Talise.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: Cell # 678 5460922

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