According to the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission office, there is no such legally registered entity known by the name Vanuatu Medical and Dental Association (VMDA). The information obtained again today from Vanuatu Financial Services Commission office, confirms that VMDA has been in receivership since 2016.

Dr. Basil Leodoro has recently been quoted in the Daily Post representing that he is the President of this defunct organization. The fact that Dr. Basil has and continued so make these representation are in our opinion, a breach of the Charitable Associations (Incorporation) Act, VFSC Act and clearly false and misleading.

Phoenix Life immediately requests that all statements made by Dr. Basil and associates, under the VMDA banner or any other entity insofar, including information presented to the Parliamentary Social Committee, must be declared null and void and retracted henceforth. The company further declares through this statement it will hold Dr. Basil and associates, libel for defamation if there is no immediate retraction on the statements made under the said banner “VMDA”.

In respect to the comments made on various media outlets; The marijuana, hemp or cannabis plant continues to create divided reactions in Vanuatu societies. The media is clearly no exception. Amazingly all segments of Pacific societies are interested, judging by calls coming in from ABC Radio, publications on RNZ’s website and on a VBTC, Nius blong Not program, Tabwemasana council of chiefs’ apparently calling for a total ban of cannabis cultivation on Espiritu Santo.

The chiefs have stated that cannabis cultivation will taint the good name of the Land of the Holy Spirit. As Phoenix Life has had little or no discussions with the South Santo chiefs, it’s clear they’ve received false or misleading information on our objectives and about the medical benefits of cannabis.

This is in stark contrast to the Erakor Village and the Paramount Chief, who welcomed Phoenix Life into its community on March 5, 2019, when Phoenix Life did its first ground-breaking for community healthcare clinics and dispensing pharmacy. Breaking ground on Chiefs day, Paramount Chief Marik Kalsaur Kalomtak Bomal VIII stated, “This is truly a God’s Blessing from above… This year will market the 174th anniversary celebration which the Good Lord has answered our prayers that Erakor needs to find a healing medical care services to cure the high rate of hypertension and diabetes occurring in the indigenous people.”

Many members of the Phoenix Life team are religious and feel that God gave us this plant. Quoting Genisis 1.29 — God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed

Further, as most people may not be aware, Israel, God’s chosen race and people are leading the way at present. Planting, using and conducting research into medical cannabis to develop new medicines to treat Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, epilepsy, diabetes and many other illnesses.

At present up to 6 Cannabis companies are seeking land for cultivation once the Dangerous Drugs Act is changed and regulations are implemented for cultivation. Phoenix Life seems to capture most of the attention at present. Given its progressing with the parts of its business already approved, under the signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture and existing legal structures of Vanuatu. While being the subject of much attention can sometimes be positive, it is unfortunate that the lack of education relating to the global changing movement of over 47 countries in legalizing and recognizing the medical and health benefits provided by the cannabis plant is being used by some to try and persuade members of the public to try and stop this new industry that the Council of Ministers approved to move forward in COM decision in 157 of last year.

The COM recognized both the medical and economic benefits of launching this industry in Vanuatu. Creating both much needed healthcare solutions, employment and massive exports.

Phoenix Life Sciences International, Head of National Healthcare for Vanuatu, Dr. Santus Wari, former Director of the Department of Health, Superintendant of the hospital and one of Vanuatu’s most respected doctors has called on the Director General of Health to Re-Establish the Vanuatu Health and Research Ethics Committee (VHREC) to work in conjunction with Phoenix Life and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia on Ethical Conduct on Human Research and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct Of Research.

The NHMRC has stringent provisions for the conduct of research in countries outside of Australia and while Phoenix Life’s planned clinical trials on the efficacy of CBD, a product deemed safe and non-addictive by the World Health Organization, will be done to the world class standards of the Australia NHMRC, we feel that Vanuatu as a whole needs to have greater levels of oversight on all clinical and health related matters for Vanuatu. This is not just about medical cannabis, it is about the positive health outcomes and compliance with high ethical standards.

Phoenix Life is aware the live vaccinations currently administered to school children in and around Port Vila, and have been advised that these have not been put through the rigors of a health ethics committee nor any local scientific body. Further, there seems to be no liability clause either holding the sponsors and administrators of the vaccines to account should these mild forms of live organisms decide to mutate and wreak havoc in a child’s body. This needs greater oversight.

Lifestyle diseases were an unheard-of subject in Vanuatu thirty years ago. Today almost every family has a member suffering from non-communicable disease (NCD). Phoenix Life has established memorandums of understanding with the Vanuatu government to provide national support through programs, clinics and dispensaries and wishes to work with the government, villages and the provinces to find solutions to the disease epidemic.

The Phoenix Life diabetes product is called Phoenix Metabolic. It contains active ingredients from the cannabis plant that the WHO has deemed safe and non-addictive. While this is a new product to be brought into the Vanuatu market to manage the diabetes epidemic, these ingredient have already been trialled and in Israel and in the US. The company intends to administer supply of these softgel capsule free to people in Vanuatu as part of its contract with the Ministry of Health. Phoenix Metabolic softgel is taken in the morning and before bed as an active part of managing blood sugar levels and diabetes complications like neuropathy, kidney failure. The product will not get you high and does not impair activities. The product in any ingested amount will not get you high.

The Phoenix Metabolic softgels are wholly a plant-based product and comparable to any herbal medicine Ni-Vanuatu have used for millenia, this time though it is accurately dosed and prescribed by a doctor and dispensed by a pharmacy. This ensures safety and controls.

If you compare the risks of cannabis-based products verses many of the products available at the hospital or pharmacy, if you took 50 Panadol tablets, it would create liver failure and you would most likely die. But if you took 500 softgels of Phoenix Metabolic you would continue to be happy, healthy and pain free.

Supplied by Phoenix

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