Phoenix Life Limited in pursuit of tackling diabetes in Vanuatu

Phoenix Life CEO, Martin Tindall and his team, John Taleo, Head of Global Security, Craig McHatton, General Manger and Timothy Tumukon, Head of Bio security, during the diabetes screening at the PM’s farea. Photo: Kizzy Kalsakau

Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited, a healthcare organization has been conducting diabetes screening throughout Port Vila to identify the prevalence of diabetes in communities.

Martin Tindall, Chief Executing Officer (CEO) of Phoenix Life said that the company started originally when his father was diagnosed with cancer.

It was then he decided to come up with a solution to be able to help with diabetes and cancer as his wife’s family also had a history with both diseases.

Mr Tindall said that he established Phoenix Life to pursue and find various ways of treating both diseases.

He said that they had found out that extracts from cannabis plant can be used in treating diabetes and used to bring results in treating cancer.

“What we found out is that there was no way to deliver such program so we decided to get it into high concentration, in a soft gel capsule so that people can simply take 1-2 pills in the morning and at night depending on their disease.

“The biggest thing is to build a national network of healthcare to be able to roll this out. Phoenix Life combines the pharmaceutical manufacturing products from the cannabis plant and other botanicals as well as the introduction of community clinics and dispensing pharmacies to provide health care services in Vanuatu.

“Ultimately, we see Vanuatu as the hub for showing results for diabetes and cancer treatment in the Pacific and becoming an International leader in that,” said CEO Tindall.

The Phoenix Life CEO has been in Vanuatu working with government ministries and departments in regards to the health initiative.

He said that the Agriculture Ministry is part of their project because cannabis is an agricultural plant which can be produced in Vanuatu and exported to the world as a finish product, in the form of pills.

Mr Tindall said that Ministry of Health is the main ministry they are working with.

“We are awaiting the amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act in Vanuatu before we can set up a plantation in South Santo with a scale of about 200 hectares per year that would create jobs also for the locals.

“From there, it will allow us to have a control site to create not just the plant but the end pills and the packaging and the product to be supplied out around the world.

“The screenings conducted throughout Port Vila and here today at the PM’s office is to identify the risks of diabetes and cancer and other diseases that we can potentially help with.

“The screening will allow us to work out who needs to go to the program first, so we can fast track access to their diabetic problems.

“As soon as various regulations change, we will approach those with high levels to approach the program and hopefully the public after the project’s launching,” said Mr Tindall.

Tindall has moved to Vanuatu to work towards the program’s implementation and with the help of additional members, they are working on how to create a success model here for Vanuatu and to export.

He said that they are training people to do screening tests and will continue to provide screenings throughout Port Vila and the islands.

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