Nagriamel Spokesman, Jeff Patunvanu, says the current wrangling of government and opposition MPs are a sad state of affairs and causing unmerited instability of the state due to alleged external influence for want of personal gain by the rich few power-hungry that have allegedly been sponsoring political campaigns and particularly no-confidence motions.

“It has been my long term view that certain people are using financial power, gained through state resources to finance political instability.

“I take my hat off for those genuine national and international businesses, individuals, organizations and government who have earnestly come to Vanuatu to assist in its development and help the poor in Vanuatu as was seen recently after Pam.

“Thank you all for your genuine assistance to the needy people in Vanuatu and in the development of the island state.

“However, I will not be silent to raise my voice against the few who deliberately craft mechanisms to foster parliamentarian conflicts left and right so as to circumvent government collapse and create opportunities for personal gains at the cost of the unfortunate poor people of Vanuatu.

“As is the case against certain elected members of parliament, it would appear that a group of only one interest had caused unmerited questions surrounding the integrity of those now charged.

“I challenge all Vanuatu people to wake up and speak out against the ongoing external influence by few of the rich in Vanuatu who are using the state resources to further their personal gain,” Patunvanu said.

He questioned the people behind the Vanuatu shipping Registry, the Vantu Bank, the CIIP and their cohorts who allegedly aspire to get into government institutions such as Reserve Bank and Vanuatu National Provident Fund.

“Moreover, these people do not care about the lives and fair distribution of resources of the Vanuatu people but all they’re interested in is to use elected members of parliament as footstools to further their own cause for personal financial gain.

“I call on all affected citizens of Vanuatu, and particularly the Youth who make up about 68% of the population of Vanuatu to take up the challenge of corrective action where necessary and in 2016, is to vote in God-fearing, honest and unselfish community leaders who will not be deceived and swayed to turn a blind eye on their own less fortunate people of Vanuatu in their everyday actions as state leaders.”

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