Patunvanu representing Nagriamel on Malekula in 2020 election

On August 1, 2019, a delegation was received by the Secretary General of the Nagriamel Political Commission at his residence at Beverly Hills on Efate.

The purpose of the visit by the said delegation was to present Mr Jenneck Patunvanu as the proposed Nagriamel candidate for Malekula in the 2020 national election.

Mr Patunvanu presented a mat to Chief Simon Willie of South West Bay as they are the main supporters of the Nagriamel Movement on Malekula.

South West Bay is the Headquarter of the Nagriamel followed by another base called small Fanafo in Crab Bay area.

The presentation was made in the presence of the Nagriamel Secretary General.

The Upper Council and the Secretary General have had discussions and the chiefs had agreed for Patunvanu to run in the northern part of Malekula, while they will work towards having a second candidate for the south in 2024.

The Secretary calls upon all people of Nagriamel who had suffered during the rebellion to wait upon the arrival of the delegation to move from south to north and dialogue with them upon their arrival in Malekula.

The Nagriamel Movement on Malekula had been maintaining the headquarter of the Movement in south Malekula after the rebellion to date and are looking forward to have a strong Candidate in the coming 2020 Election.

The Secretary General has agreed to list the issue of outstanding claims by people affected during the ‘rebellion’ on the upcoming National Congress to be held in Ambrym this year.

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