Parti Travailliste Vanuatu Supports Kanaky’s Struggle for Freedom

The political arm of the Trade Union of Vanuatu – the Parti Travailliste Vanuatu, has shown its support of the upcoming referendum for the Kanaks and other races living in New Caledonia for their Independence.

Interim President, Basil Leodoro, wishes to answer the call by the Parti Travailliste for:

  • A massive “Oui” as the basis of a common project built around the fundamentals of the Kanak country.
  • Where a new social project will affirm that New Caledonia, historically belonging to the Kanak people, will be a new model of Governance where the colonial period must end
  • and a new nation will be built together by an intercultural and inclusive Kanak.
  • An end to Bi-polarism, which has been the source of segregation, division and conflict for 30 years and has inflicted unnecessary radicalization of the people of New Caledonia and constantly threatening your future and that of your children.
  • A “Oui” where the PT within the MNSK proposes a draft consultation for another political and institutional model where the Kanak people welcome within them, all the cultures present in the country, constituting the people of Kanaky.
  • A “Oui” for another economic model based on the control of resources, respect for identities and environment where economic nationalism promotes the optimized use of your resources while respecting your living spaces.
  • The PT within the MNSK, negotiating and advocating for a true liberated nation that will be responsible for forging interdependent relations with other nations of the world.
  • A nationalist “Oui” for the right to build a Nation that resembles Kanaks and other cultures, bring you together with mutual respect, shared traditions
  • and Christian values.”

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