Parti Travailliste de Vanuatu wants more focus on rights of workers

Parti Travailliste de Vanuatu SG Pierre Rolland

Parti Travailliste de Vanuatu (PTV) is committed to seeing better work conditions for workers in Vanuatu.

This is the thrust in its aim to file 12 candidates in the upcoming general elections in March 2020.

PTV’s Secretary General, Pierre Rolland, said PTV will continue to strive for better work conditions for labour in Vanuatu and still thinks that Vanuatu still need leaders who will tackle the issue responsibly for the betterment of the working class.

“PTV was launched on the 30th of July 2017, we intend to file more candidates in 2020 and ensure we can get more people into parliament to support this cause.”

He said with two MPs in parliament, PTV has done very little but he is confident that the party will do better once the team boost its numbers in the general election.

“We are happy on what our MPs are doing but we have spent four years to analyse and familiarise ourselves with the system, now we are doing all our best to get more people inside during the next legislature,” Rolland explained.

While the main focus is on employment issues, PTV is also looking at strengthening the agriculture sector.

“We are really proud on what has been done by the present agriculture minister and the government and we are willing to continue in that process to enable real commercialisation in the sector,” he added.

Mr Rolland explained that what it seen today is only a big scale of subsistence farming but PTV’s policies target bigger farms that can be commercialized to help farmers and provide employment locally.

PTV will file 12 candidates in the upcoming elections. These include the two current MPs — Ephraim Kalsakau and John William Tasso.

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