Parliament Summoned 

The Office of the Speaker of Parliament has received the notice for the first calling of parliament in 2019.

Acting Prime Minister Bob Loughman, has written a letter to Speaker of Parliament, Esmon Saimon, requesting the calling of the First Ordinary Session of Parliament of this year 2019 to start from June 7-19.

The following 12 bills have been listed for debate: Bill for the Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act No. of 2019; Bill for the Disaster Risk Management Act No. of 2019; Bill for the Ozone Layer Protection Act No of 2019; Bill for the Correctional Services (Amendment) Act No. of 2019; Bill for the Forestry Act No. of 2019; Bill for the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act No. of 2019; Bill for the Environmental Protection and Conservation (Amendment) Act No. of 2019; Bill for the Customs (Amendment) Act No. of 2019; Bill for the Rent Tax (Amendment) Act No. of 2019; Bill for the Right to Information (Amendment)Act No. of 2019; Bill for the Telecommunication and Radio Broadcasting Regulation (Amendment) Act No. of 2019 and Bill for the Supplementary Appropriation Act No. of 2019.

For ordinary sittings, the parliament convenes in 15 days after the Speaker receives the notice, whereas for extraordinary sittings parliament assembles in seven days after the notice. Members of parliament are summoned after Speaker Saimon receives the calling notice.

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