Parliament Outreach is Historic: Korman

The first ever speaker of parliament Maxime Carlot Korman (Right) shook hands with current Speaker Shadrack at the Erakor community hall yesterday

The National Parliament Outreach program has reached the Erakor community yesterday with the theme of bringing parliament to the people.

The outreach led by the current Speaker of Parliament, Gracia Shadrack, was very successful at the village of the first ever speaker of parliament of this country, Maxime Carlot Korman.

Speaker Shadrack said the people of Vanuatu own this high office of the country called Parliament, and it is the duty of this institution to go to such areas and explain the roles and the functions of the office to voters that elect their representative in the house.

“The idea of this outreach came after a successful turnout of the parliament open day during the July celebration and the Youth Parliament that gained the interest of many people so we decided to do a Parliament outreach to communities because the parliament is for the people and by the people,” MP Gracia said.

Gracia said this outreach program will go as far as every provincial headquarters and if needed, to every islands of Vanuatu.

“The people have the right to know what their elected MPs are doing in parliament and how the parliament proceeds with its business,” he said.

Vanuatu’s first speaker of Parliament, Maxime Carlot Korman congratulate the speaker and his office for such initiative and said this is a very good idea to educate the people about the roles of the institution by helping their elected members of parliament doing their job.

“I am very please to see the high office coming down to the level of the people and i encourage everyone not only people of Erakor but every communities where the outreach will go, to ask questions to better understand the work of this high office.

“The Speaker of Parliament is also the acting head of state when the president is away, so ask questions,” Korman said.

The outreach program started on Tuesday this week until yesterday and will continue next week at Eratap village.

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