Parliament audio tapes since 1980-2010 to be audio digitised

Speaker of Parliament standing with VKS director Richard Shing after the handing over

Since the Vanuatu’s independence all the parliament sittings were audio taped via audio cassettes until 2010.

They have been upgraded to a recent digital format for audio and video recording.

Most of the audio tapes from 1980-2010 were stored at the Vanuatu National Archives and are now ready for audio digitising, to make it easier to preserve and access them these historical data.

To digitize something means to convert it from analog to digital for example, an analog audio signal received by a microphone is digitized when it is recorded by a computer. Computers must digitize analog input because they are digital devices and cannot process analog information.

To facilitate this digitising process, the speaker of Parliament Esmon Saemon handed over some digitising equipments to the Vanuatu Kaljoral Senta (VKS) on Thursday last week.

“These equipment were funded by the Chinese government through its embassy here in Vanuatu, and it will facilitate the audio digitising for all the historical tapes for Vanuatu parliament since 1980 to 2010”, said speaker Saemon.

VKS Director Richard Shing said the institution is the only one in the country to digitise all the records either audio tapes, photos and videos tapes into the digitise format and it is the first time for this institution to receive help or donation from a government institution.

“For the past six years, the VKS has started to digitise photographs, videos and audio tapes to preserve them and thanks to the parliament of Vanuatu my staff have new equipments to replace the old ones in audio digitising,” he said. “I assure the speaker of Parliament that they will work on the audio tapes as soon as possible”, Director Shing said.

The VKS has a huge collections of audio tapes for different customs stories and big cultural events in every islands of Vanuatu collected by different field workers and stored in their archives. This help is a boost to the digitising unit.

Daily Post understands it will take almost three years to digitise all the parliament tapes.

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