The Minister of Health, Norris Jack Kalmet officially opened the new Dr. K.B. Kaluat Memorial Community Health Centre in Pango village this week.

Witnessed by chiefs, government health officials, church and community leaders, parents and children, it was a milestone achievement for the Pango community, which over the years had faced challenges in accessing health service deliveries as no health center were located on the South Efate village since Vanuatu gained Independence.

In his opening remark, Minister Kalmet said that he is very happy to witness this historical moment.

“It is a milestone achievement to witness the opening of a modern health facility in Pango village which will provide and cater services to the people and the community.

"It comes through a solidarity partnership with the Maseilaru Tribal council of chiefs and his council, the people and the government.

"It is a cry and a dream come true for the Pango community. It is within everyone’s responsibility and duty to uphold and sustain this health facility. The government’s commitment is to ensure health services is equitable and accessible to all people and it is under the government’s decentralization plan to drive the services to your doorsteps. Due to the increase in population, it is vital that a health centre is located here,” said Minister Kalmet.

Before concluding his speech, the health minister relayed on additional services which will provided to the health facility. He further declared the opening of the health facility as a recognized health centre by the government of Vanuatu, through the Ministry of Health (MOH).

The Acting Director of MOH, Mr Johnson Wabaiat also applauded the Pango Chiefs and their community for achieving this milestone achievement. He also affirmed to the community that the government will meet the costs of the health workers stationed at the new Pango health centre. Wabaiat also mentioned the health services which will be delivered at the newly health centre adding that it will meet the costly challenges faced by the community over the past years.

“Already we have two Solomon Islands nurses willing to serve in the health centre. What we really need is an improvement to health issues throughout the country. Such services is for everyone to get in and experience its programmes,” said Acting DG Wabaiat.

DG Wabaiat who is also an Erakor village chief, later congratulated the Pango chiefs and their community for achieving this project and further acknowledged the government for its assistance and support to the Pango village community’s health project.

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