Over 200 invalid proxy applications on Pentecost

Over 200 proxy voting applications for the Pentecost constituency didn’t meet the requirements.

This was revealed by several individuals who will conduct the PENAMA provincial elections on Pentecost.

According to reports from the island late last night, it was discovered during a meeting held at Melsisi on Monday that many applicants for proxy votes did not meet all of the criteria.

Many did not have official medical certificates, just attached notes. The meeting agreed that transport will be provided today for those on the island who have applied for proxy voting, such as the elderly and people living with disability.

Meanwhile two polling stations from East, Vanmwel and Tsingbwege polling stations have not received their ballot boxes and it is likely elections will only take place tomorrow.

MV Young Blood dropped ballot boxes for Pentecost on Monday.

Boats cannot deliver the two ballots in time due to rough seas.

They have to walk across the island to deliver the boxes. Election day today will be dedicated for the briefing of polling officers at the two polling stations.

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