Oceania Transformation Movement renews call for UN Intervention in West Papua

The Oceania Transformation Movement (OTM) which represents the people of West Papua here in Vanuatu, is calling again on the United Nations (UN) to act quickly to stop the ongoing killing of West Papuan people by the Indonesian government.

OTM Interim President Mackenzie Naling, says the movement is also calling on the UN to facilitate the process that will lead to West Papua political independence, as soon as possible.

“We represent the neglected people of West Papua, who are now sufferings in the hands of the Indonesia government regime,” Mr Naling said.

“The pride of the people of West Papua is diminished but not over yet, because they have voices elsewhere by people and organizations who care for their struggle towards self-determination.

“So, OTM is concern for the struggle and we want to see all countries and leaders in Oceania to pull together and to get the UN to do something quickly. First, to stop Indonesia from the mass killings of West Papuans and secondly the move to free West Papuan people from Indonesia.”

Mr Naling said the issue of West Papua has been dragging for too long and it is time for the UN to do something about it.

“The OTM is calling on the UN Special Committee on Decolonization to take the issue seriously and urgently to invite a roundtable discussions between the UN, Indonesia and international parties concern to address the West Papuan issues,” he said.

“The UN and the world must understand that there are two issues facing West Papuan indigenous Melanesians.

“First, which must be addressed immediately is the massive killings of West Papuan people by Indonesian political regime which is going on all the time, according to information received daily.”

Mr Naling suggested that the UN and all parties concern should pressure Indonesia government to allow a referendum to take place and also pressure Indonesia to grant political Independence for the West Papuan Melanesians.

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