Nombong: Start your own business

Jonah Nombong (l) and Ernest Bong (r), a Vancorp Construction employee

A young Ni-Vanuatu entrepreneur is calling on other ni-Vanuatu to start their own businesses.

Jonah Nombong, who hails from Malekula is the owner of Smart on Electrics.

Nombong had worked for eight years with South Pacific Electrics after graduating from the Vanuatu Institute of Technology. While working there, he applied for a scholarship to study at the Australian Pacific Technical College in Suva, Fiji.

On his return, he established Smart on Electrics and does electrical wiring on request. Nombong has done wiring for a lot of homes in Vila and is now sub-contracted by Vancorp Constructions to wire houses they build.

Nombong says no job is too big or too small for him. He works by himself and does things slowly and meticulously. He says working alone is challenging but he laughs and says challenges will never end but it is how one deals with it.

Nombong appeals to the government to protect this industry for Ni-Vanuatu entrepreneurs. He says the country is 40 years old and it has graduated to a developing country status thus Ni-Vanuatu entrepreneurs must be supported

Nombong says Vanuatu has many skilled trade workers but the government needs to give them more exposure to build them up.

He says this in turn, will earn more money for the government through VAT, and business tax. He encourages other young Ni-Vanuatu to set up their own businesses and contribute to growing the economy.

Nombong acknowledges the benefit of seasonal work. He says a lot of skilled trade workers undergo seasonal employment in Australia and New Zealand.

The father of three is encouraging those that go for seasonal work to save their money and start their own businesses on their return.

According to Markson Remkonkon, Compliance Officer of the Vanuatu Foreign Investment Promotion Authority, appendix B of the VIPA Act No. 15 of 1998, states that electricians and electro-technicians meeting prescribed standards are reserved investments, for Ni-Vanuatu.

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