No to Marijuana for medical or other purposes: Malvatumauri

Malvatumauri President, Chief Willie Grey Plasua.

The Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs has stated an emphatic 'no' to commercial planting or use of marijuana in Vanuatu whether for medical or any other purposes.

Chief Willie Grey Plasua, head of the Malvatumauri says the National Council of Chiefs simply says no to this and wants the Government to understand the stand of the chiefs of this country.

Chief Plasua says the country is already experiencing the side effect of the marijuana drug, especially amongst the young people and others who have been smoking or using the drug and is becoming uncontrollable, especially now in Port Vila.

He argued that if the government's intended project goes ahead, there is likely to be more negative impact of the project on the social life of the Vanuatu young society than positive.

“As is now, the government cannot control the use of the marijuana drug in terms of cultivating it, selling it locally and using it or smoking the drug locally.

"Even if the government thinks that it will have the system to manage the project just for its primary purpose, the Malvatumauri still believes the disadvantage of the drug will outweigh the advantages,” says Chief Plasua.

“Until the Government can prove to the people of Vanuatu that it can one hundred percent control the current situation of marijuana cultivation and use in Vanuatu by individuals, the Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs' stand on the government's intended project of marijuana for medical purpose is simply 'no' by chiefs in Vanuatu."

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