No Directives From Prime Minister to Ship Machines to Pentecost: PRO

Minister Ngwele and MP Salong discussed regarding the shipment went directly from Port Vila to Pentecost

The Prime Minister never issued any directives for the machines meant for roadworks on Ambrym to be diverted to Pentecost.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) to the Prime Minister’s Office, Fred Vurobaravu made this clear when contacted by Daily Post.

Moreover, the government led by PM Bob Loughman is committed to see road infrastructure development and the completion of Olal Airport on the Island of Ambrym.

This assurance was made by Minister responsible for Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Jay Ngwele.

Minister Ngwele told Daily Post that due to Tropical Cyclone (TC) Harold and COVID-19, the government has changed its focus to concentrate more on feeder roads.

He said the government has its work plan and will execute all the works for the good of the development.

“The government has planned to carry out the works on the Island of Ambrym in its own timing and will begin this year, in particular roads to volcanoes and the creation of more feeder roads and also the completion of Olal airport,” Minister Ngwele said.

Minister Ngwele also shared his disappointment on how an elected member of parliament of Ambrym, John Salong approach on social media claiming that the Prime Minister Bob Loughman has ordered that some of the machinery for roadworks will not go to Ambrym.

“We as elected members of parliament must show some maturity, we are now celebrating our 40th anniversary and MPs must not use social media to solve an issue,” he added.

Daily Post contacted the office of Prime Minister and received confirmation from PRO Vurobaravu that PM Loughman has not given any directives on the shipment.

Minister Ngwele said the government is for the people. MP Salong has already apologized to the MIPU minister after coming out publicly via Facebook.

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