Nmak not afraid to be sued over Port Vila land

Nmak Spokesman Timteo Kalmet says he's not afraid to be sued

The traditional Nmak Family Spokesman of Erakor Village, Timteo Kalmet says as he has accepted the offer from the six landowners of Port Vila for anyone who is not happy with what they are doing to take them to court, by saying with confidence that he is “not afraid to be sued in court” for what he is about to say.

First – he says all the six men are merely “spokesmen” of all land in and the surrounding areas of Port Vila, while the indigenous landowners are allegedly left in the dark about what they are doing.

He says they are left out of any financial benefit that they may be entitled to.

Secondly as “spokesmen”, their task should end at the end of a meeting or court hearing and not be linked to approving or receiving any financial benefit that rightfully should belong to the downers.

In addition, Timteo Kalmet Nmak says regarding the Green Certificate carrying his signature, he says he and another signatory were "misled" into signing the document which they later came to realize with the unfolding of the saga concerning the reclaimed lands in Port Vila.

In the latest development, the spokesman has shown copies of legal documents from the Nmak Family Legal Counsel to the relevant institutions to act on regarding any formation of any trust by the Group.

Since the spokesman of Nmak Kalmetabil Nmak Family, has expressed reservations over the unfolding of events as published in both main stream media and social media, he says they are examining all avenues to ensure that the rights of the Nmak Family of Erakor are well and truly secured for their present and future generations.

He is confident that once the Nmak Family has succeeded in securing its lands, it is likely to trigger a chain reaction for all other landowners behind the Group to also claim what is rightfully theirs.

In response, the spokesman for the Group, Chief Denny Kalmet explains that his Group is represented by the following Families: - Kalsakau, Bakokoto, Pomal, Kori, Kaltabang and Tangraro. “Our fight has not reached its conclusion yet and we are determined for this journey to conclude properly”, he stresses.

“We cannot stop halfway through without completing this journey. We must first complete it, in order for us to invite all the relevant families to advise them about what we have done.

“This is because the journey we have embarked on is not only about today but since seven years ago - November of 2012".


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