Singer as she appears on her poster

“A nine-year old girl from Santo with a beautiful voice is singing religious songs at the entrance to the (Port Vila) Market right now. They are saying she is going to perform at the Multi-Purpose Centre at Epauto on September 1”.

A table owner and a mother who also plays Christian music at her table, told her guests the above information.

A nine-year old from Santo, the biggest island in the country, entertaining the public of Port Vila? That is great news for a girl coming down from the ‘Land of the Holy Spirit…’.

I went to have a look and just missed the last song but I recognized her father coiling the electric cord of the system. I’d done an interview with him on the critical conditions of the road leading to the Showground many years ago.

Behind him in the car sat Rossie Peter and her sister. She gave me a knockout smile and I waved back.

“That’s Rossie and you just missed her performance. Never mind, go tell your friends to come to the Multi-Purpose Centre. Entrance is free. The show starts at five”, said her dad.

If you are overworked or tired of the responsibilities of home, how about attending the concert of the girl from Santo’s Showground? You won’t regret it. She is backed by her father.

Also featuring are Destiny Singers, Life Line Singers and many more. “We encourage offerings and contributions towards the Bethel Church Lamb Shelter”, said her father.

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