The Vanuatu Institute of Public Administration and Management (VIPAM) welcomed 28 ni-Vanuatu youth from a three-week youth entrepreneurship skills training in China on Friday last week at the VIPAM conference room.

The training aims to enhance mutual understanding, deepen friendship, and establish a platform for promoting communication and cooperation on youth entrepreneurship.

Participants attending the training were from different sectors of small businesses from electricians, kava bar owners, artists, barbershop owners, vegetable farmers, shop owners, Vanuatu Cooperatives Business Network (VCBN) representatives and a VIPAM representative, Pierrick Lesines.

The ceremony saw participants presenting their report to VIPAM, witnessed by the VCBN chief executive officer, Jack Loughman and the Chinese Embassy representatives.

The presentations relayed on the challenges, participants face before attending the training, what they have achieved through their trainings and also their objectives and plans they wish to implement in addressing their course of businesses.

Throughout each presentation, Mr Loughman acknowledged each participant on attending such trainings while also emphasizing on VCBN’s objectives and goals regarding each participant’s objectives and plans.

He further encouraged all to be champions within their specific areas and says that VCBN is committed to assist and support them within their walks of life, especially within the business sector.

“VCBN is always a platform for all young entrepreneurs wishing to further develop and grow their businesses,” Mr Loughman said.

“We encourage all to move in the same platform to contribute to the country’s development.

“The EDF11 project of 5 years is incorporated within the Agriculture sector, it is a way forward to address marketing challenges.

“Every business must have their standard and having a financial system policy in place will promote good financial systems.

“China’s experience on addressing leading entrepreneurs is an example for Vanuatu to get in.

“VCBN is drafting its 5-year economic plan on addressing the government’s People’s Plan.

“Furthermore, I would like to acknowledge VIPAM and the Chinese Embassy for taking the lead, and wish everyone all their best in their business visions.”

The representative from the Chinese Embassy acknowledged all trainees for attending such trainings.

He said that youth are the hope of a country’s development.

He believes that after more than 20 days in China, all participants have acquired advanced and professional skills through seminars, find aspiration for their businesses and increase its productivity.

The representative said trainees who have attended previous trainings, have been deeply inspired by the training, changed their thinking of entrepreneurship, and employment, put forward new ideas, new methods and new directions, and their careers have become increasingly prosperous.

He further acknowledged VIPAM and VCBN for their assistance in allowing participants to attend the youth entrepreneur training in China. He said that that China and Vanuatu’s cooperation in capacity building will be promoted greatly and the friendship between the people will be further strengthened.

The ceremony also saw trainees presenting a gift to VIPAM, VCBN and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China as a token of appreciation for providing them with such opportunities.

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