New Principal taking Onesua Presbyterian College to another level

The Road Towards Change

The new Principal of Onesua Presbyterian College (OPC), Rosie Caleb, has set the priority goals for the College for the next four years.

Speaking through the Presbyterian Education Secretary, Jonathan Tarip, Mrs. Caleb outlined the goals as; focusing on raising the academic standard of the College to a higher level and to be equal with other Colleges in Vanuatu, at the same time improving the physical appearance of the College.

The Principal said the welfare of the students is paramount.

“The College is equipped with best qualified teachers and staff to fulfill the vision of the new principal and the Church in producing the future leaders of this country, and we will deliver this this,” said Tarip.

Mrs Caleb aims to renovate and upgrade the dormitories, classrooms and other College properties, improve electricity and water supply systems for the College, bring about beautification to the College which it deserves, and improve the overall environment for the students while striving to raise the academic standard of OPC as one of the best educational institutions in the country.

“The new Principal vows to bring about these changes within the next four years while at the same time maintaining the College’s original theme, ‘If you know the Truth, the Truth Shall Set You Free’, for every student attending the College,” Tarip added.

He said the new Principal is backed by the Presbyterian Church.

The Commissioning Service of the staff and the students will take place on 7th March 2021 with the expected large attendance of the parents and guardians, and churches and community leaders.

The OPC started back in 1953 as Onesua High School. Since then, the College has produced national leaders, many of whom were founding fathers of the political Independence of the Republic of Vanuatu in 1980.

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