New Mayor Outlines Priorities

New Mayor Peter Patty.

The newly elected Mayor of the Luganville Municipal Council (LMC) has shared his vision for Luganville Town.

“I want to see a strong city base, built on peace and prosperity for all where every resident, business investors and visitors and everyone alike, live, mingle and share common wealth, sharing cultural diversity, just as they find in their own islands or cities they come from in Vanuatu or abroad,” Mayor Peter Patty said, outlining his new council’s priority objectives to the Daily Post.

“A town growing into a city proudly built and raised by everyone who love Luganville as their own home to live, learn, run businesses and enjoy good living that every human expects in life.”

Mr Patty vowed the council he leads will work closely with all stakeholders including the national government, private sector, the churches, chiefs, women and youth organizations and donor partners to build Luganville town as a “home” where peace and unity and respect for all take fundamental roots in each home.

“As a Christian country, and a country with diverse cultures and way of life, I believe every residents and visitors into and out of Luganville Town want to live in peace and harmony,” he said.

“I believe everyone wants to have and enjoy better living standards. I believe everyone wants to receive best quality services such as health, education, and infrastructures, communications and as well as find jobs or run businesses whether big or small and live in peace with one another, now and in the future.”

In his inaugural speech, shortly after his election, Mr Patty outlined the priority policy objectives for the next four years as water, drainage, beautification and health.

He said these are the four priority development goals, amongst every ongoing service such as education, health, infrastructure, long term town planning, business development, and others that the new council he leads will pursue into the future.

He said this is in line with the national government’s strategic and sustainable development plan.

“While the new Council I lead have set out its priority objectives for the development of the people of Luganville town for the next four years, I wish to assure everyone that the new council will ensure ongoing service deliveries such as education, health, water, electricity, market, infrastructure, communications, private sector lead growth, all government services through the national decentralization policies continue as normal,” the new Lord Mayor assured.

“It is also my wish for the council I lead to consult the residents, the private sector, and all stakeholders on what they want the council to do and bring about in making Luganville town a vibrant business town for northern Vanuatu and everyone who live here or visit our town as a holiday destination. We will take this journey into the future, knowing that my council will not be able to achieve every policy we set in place today for the next four years, but will be a better and stronger base for future councils for Luganville Town.”

He said the council he leads is made up of different political parties and therefore he will strive to maintain political unity within the council and to ensure development objectives set out under the new council’s priorities are implemented within the term of the council for the good of the residents of Luganville town.

Mr Patty emphasized the importance of implementing programs in the pipeline. This includes the new Vt1 million Luganville Chiefs Nakamal, strengthens markets for women, foster ongoing initiatives with business houses for strong economic growth and social benefits for all Luganville residents.

“Our new council will be open to dialogue with residents, business houses and all stakeholders including first and foremost the national government so that we grow and advance the developments of the Luganville town to a next higher level towards becoming a city that it will be in the years ahead,” he said.

“To achieve our goals, we will work closely with all national government agencies including police, health, education, public works, agriculture, women affairs, youth and sports, civil aviation, and every line agencies as well as the private sector and donor partners to build Luganville Town.”

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