New Judge appointed to Supreme Court

Justice Chetwynd (far right on front row) posing with the Head of State Lonsdale

(front second from right), Chief Justice Lunabek (front second left) and Supreme Court Judges

Head of State, Baldwin Lonsdale, has appointed a new Judge to the Supreme Court.

Justice Richard David Chetwynd, from England was appointed and sworn in at the State Office, an event welcomed by the Vanuatu Judiciary.

Chief Justice, Vincent Lunabek, other Supreme Court Judges and Court Registrar, John Alilee were all present to witness the official addition to their jurisdiction.

Justice Chetwynd's appointment has increased the number of Supreme Court Judges from 6 to 7 including the Chief Justice.

The Head of State thanked Justice Chetwynd for accepting the position and wished him well in his new position as a Vanuatu Supreme Court Judge.

The new judge was understood to be provided by the Commonwealth Secretariat as mentioned by the Chief Justice during this year's Court Opening.

"A lot are happening inside our society, in politics, organizations, and social society," the Head of State said in a short remark.

"Because of these issues, at times justice and unity fail to prevail in our society.

"These issues have to be addressed to ensure that justice and unity can prevail inside our communities and our nation as a whole."

President Lonsdale also took the opportunity to congratulate the Chief Justice, judges and magistrates for the outcome of the 2014 judicial year.

He said "upholding justice is everybody's responsibility, and as people of this nation we have to understand that peace has to be maintained at all times".

He thanked the Judges for their efforts adding that the courts play a huge role inside a nation.

Out of the total of 7 supreme court judges, three are locals and 4 are expatriate judges.


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