New fees for civil registry documents

DPM and Minister Ishmael Kalsakau. Photo: Kizzy Kalsakau

The Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Minister of Internal Affairs, Ishmael Kalsakau, has confirmed that the birth certificate fee at the Civil Status Office is now only Vt100 and no longer Vt1,800.

It’s one of the first activities that he undertook after taking up office.

DPM Kalsakau said passport fees will also be reviewed.

The government must not charge the fees just for the sake of making money, he said.

Mr Kalsakau said he also wants reduction in the cost of medical checks for seasonal workers once the current COVID-19 pandemic is over.

He assured that the current government is committed to reaching out to people and meeting their needs in this critical time.

One of the priorities of the government as announced by the Prime Minister (PM) is finding ways to quickly stimulate the economy, to not only help businesses but also low to middle income earners, he said.

“All our directives and instructions have been issued to line agencies under each portfolio. For instance, in my ministry, I have spoken to the Provincial Affairs Department to look at the trust accounts and make extra resources available to councilors.

“That money is destined to buy local food for cyclone victims from areas not affected by TC Harold. While victims will get food, local farmers can use the money to replenish stocks and develop business.”

With COVID-19, Minister Kalsakau said he has advised the Commissioner of Labour to ensure companies that exist in Vanuatu for a long time and are still thriving today must not lay off workers but should exercise some responsibilities to look after their employees.

The Police Commissioner has also been advised to make sure force personnel are present in each island to help recovery efforts, he added.

One month before the country’s 40th independence anniversary, Minister Kalsakau said citizens will be expecting changes to the event.

“It’s a busy time with a lot of risk as well. Let’s prove to the world that we resilient in all aspects just because of the fact that we are Ni-Vanuatu,” he added.

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