New Dates for Parliament Recess

Revised standing orders adopted by Parliament came to effect on June 20, 20120

The recess period in the Standing Orders of Parliament has been amended by the current legislature.

Parliament on Thursday last week, voted a motion to adopt the revised Standing Orders of Parliament which came into effect on June 20.

The Standing Orders of 1982 were repealed and the repeal became effective on the same date above.

Since 1982 until the 12th legislature under the former Standing Orders (12) (6) which stated that, “Under normal circumstances neither parliament nor any of its committees shall meet in the periods of December 20th to January 20th or June 20th to July 20th”.

The new standing orders that was adopted and passed by parliament on June 18 through motion number 6 was moved by First Deputy Speaker Edward Nalyal and seconded by Second Deputy Speaker, Samson Samsen.

The revised standing orders of the dates of recess were changed under order 13 (8).

It states: “Under normal circumstances Parliament and its committees do not meet in the periods of December 15 to January 15 or July 15 to August 15”.

A recess is a break from the parliamentary sessions in which neither the legislators or Members of Parliament (MPs) can meet to conduct business and there are usually two recesses throughout a year, as provided in the Parliament Standing Order.

During this period, MPs often go on holiday or return to their constituencies.

There are usually two recess periods in one year.

The parliament secretariat, with the partnership of United Nations Development Program Pacific, through the support of New Zealand and Japanese governments, worked tirelessly in the past years for the review.

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