New Commander SHEFA Appointed

New Commander SHEFA, Chief Inspector Kalman Andrew Photo: Kizzy Kalsakau

Chief Inspector Kalman Andrew is the newly appointed SHEFA Province Police Commander, with jurisdictions spanning over Epi, Tongoa and Rural Efate, while Commander South oversees all of SHEFA and TAFEA.

Commander SHEFA Andrew spent nearly three decades with the police force and has built a stellar reputation in law enforcement.

Chief Inspector Andrew explained: “I started with CID and then Transnational Crimes Unit, to the Personal Standards Unit, Fraud Unit. After that I moved to the Uniform Investigation Branch and now I am Commander SHEFA.”

His ambitions now are to promote the tenets of an ideal officer to the community and see that due process is followed through with every police report filed.

“One of my rules is to ensure all the reports on crimes reported in the three police posts on Epi, Tongoa and North Efate are investigated, completed prosecution and they (the judicial system) can assure that justice is served,” he said.

The Chief Inspector added that police service delivery needs to be beefed-up as well, with better internet connection, transportation availability and manpower.

The newly appointed commander for SHEFA province argued that in order to better combat crime, stronger communication channels would need to be established and more officers would need to be recruited.

Although the concept is still in its early days, Commander Andrew said a draft will be passed on through the proper channels.

“If they can endorse the idea it would be great,” he said. “We have a police station for SHEFA and we need to increase manpower so that we can better respond to incidents that happen and it is about the safety of officers as well, it’s good when there are a lot of officers.”

Commander SHEFA Andrew succeeds Inspector Davis Saravanu, who held the post for the last three years.

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