NDMO Operations Manager suspended

Manager of Operations at NDMO Korisa (photo: Loop Vanuatu) 

The Manager of Operations at the National Disaster Management Office, Peter Korisa, has been suspended amid several allegations of misconduct as of yesterday (Monday).

Daily Post has been informed that the allegations included unauthorized removal of donated disaster relief supplies, failure to comply with instructions, consistent lateness to work and failure to follow the director's instruction regarding a traveling imprest for an official oversea trip fully funded by a non-government institution.

According to Mr. Korisa's suspension letter, his actions breached the Public Service Staff Manual.

When responding to each allegation, Korisa told Daily Post the unauthorized removal of donated disaster relief supplies and failure to follow instructions are allegations that had emerged in the past and had been dealt with.

He said there was no evidence of misconduct.

"I was carrying out duties as the Acting Director at that time when I issued the authorizations,” he said. “The allegations were just rumors. The allegations outlined in the suspension letter have already been dealt with.

"The new allegations of consistent lateness is false. 

"The other allegations of insubordination regarding the traveling imprest is just a minor issue. I have explained the matter but then got suspended."

Korisa said his suspension has been referred to the PSC Disciplinary Board.

He said he will respond to the allegations against him once he receives an official complaint from the Disciplinary Board. 

Mr Korisa is currently the most senior staff at NDMO with expertise in the field of disaster and emergencies.

He also offers advice to the Director of NDMO in decision making processes. He has coordinated previous disasters responses and is currently assisting the Department of Bio-Security with the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Operation.

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