NC Communities looking forward to Vanuatu’s 40th Independence Anniversary

Hienghene Community leader, Martin Hyaleyap

Many communities in New Caledonia are looking forward to come to Vanuatu on July this year to celebrate the country’s 40th Independence Anniversary in Port Vila.

This was revealed by a community leader of Hienghene in the northern province of New Caledonia, Martin Hyaleyap.

Hyaleyap was instrumental in connecting the community of Ifira and the Hienghen community back in 2007, a relationship based on the footprint of ancestors.

“Vanuatu and particularly the community of Ifira is quite close to us in Hienghene so to commemorate our strong relationship, we are organizing a trip for approximately 100 people to Vanuatu in July to celebrate the 40 years of independence with the people of Vanuatu,” explained Mr Hyaleyap.

The commitment is real as a lot of effort has been done to also allow Air Vanuatu to make direct flight from the northern province of New Caledonia to enable these communities to be in Port Vila for the occasion.

“The connection with Vanuatu has started in the dark age and we still respect what our ancestors have started, this is why we want to be with the Vanuatu people in Vanuatu to commemorate this event and we know well that by doing that Vanuatu will also do the same one day if Kanaky gets its independence,” stressed Mr Hyaleyap.

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