National census delayed, expected to commence next week

The 2020 National Population and Housing Census (NPHC) is expected to commence next week.

Scheduled to kick off on November 16 at exactly 12:01am, also known as Census Night, the activity was delayed by a week due to the recent travel restrictions in and out of Efate.

Jimmy Tamkela, the 2020 NPHC National Coordinator confirmed the team is prepared to roll out this national activity next week.

There are at least 150 enumerators for each site that underwent a two-week training in seven training sites across the country. 

The two-week training focused on how the census should be conducted. Similarly, to 2016, mini-census, all enumerators would be using tablets to record data collected. The training also equipped the enumerators on how to collect and enter information on the tablets.

The NPHC is scheduled to take place for two weeks.

National coordinator Tamkela acknowledged the government for supporting the 2020 census with Vt100 million.

Tamkela also reminds all citizens to cooperate with the enumerators and respond to all the questions. 

He reiterated that all the information and data collected are vital as these informations would assist the government's national planning for the country.

The theme of this year's NPHC is, "Kasem evriwan. Kaontem evriwan. No livim eniwan."

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