Nagriamel Condemns Violence

The President of the Nagriamel Port Vila region, Jean Claude Toure-Garae, has come out publicly to condemn the recent killing in Port Vila and calls on the government, and the civil society to unite and tackle violence in Vanuatu.

His call was supported by Nagriamel Secretary General, Jeff Patunvanu.

In an interview with the Daily Post, the Nagriamel leaders say, the political movement is deeply concerned over the recent killing and question what is the root cause of such human behaviors.

They added that in their views the country is not doing enough to find short and long term solutions to human behaviors leading to such killings.

“National and other leaders may have different views as to what they think may be the contributing factors that drive people into committing such crimes and killings of human lives. But for as we see alcohol or alcoholic drinks as one of the contributing factors that drive the minds of people to commit such crimes an killings of innocent lives,” the Nagriamel leaders claim.

“If alcoholic drinks or beverages is one of the roots that drive the minds of people to take life of others then surely the government and the civil society must seriously consider what to do to with alcohol. If the government enjoy collecting more tax revenue from imported alcoholic drinks or beverages, then it must also weigh the negative side and impact of alcoholic drinks on human mind and what extent it could lead to, which in our opinion, cause harm, damage and lead a person to cause harm to other people and disturb peace in families, communities, towns and the country at large,” says Toure-Garae and Patunvanu.

The Nagriamel leaders say if alcoholic drink is one of the root cause of crimes and killings in Port Vila and Vanuatu, then the government should introduce legislation to tightly control the use of alcohol or put total ban on importation of alcoholic drinks into Vanuatu.

“If alcohol is bad for human health, as well as leading people into various crimes and that which leads to taking innocent lives, then put a total ban of its import into Vanuatu. After all, this is a Christian country with our motto that clearly states “In God We Stand” so stop allowing the import of alcoholic drinks into Vanuatu that pollutes the minds of people and lead them to act in such ways of crimes and killings.

“We are also contemplating organizing a mass demonstration to call on the government to introduce legislation that will put total ban on import of alcohol into Vanuatu and as well as put stop to production of alcoholic beverages here on Vanuatu soil,” Toure-Garae and Patunvanu told the Daily Post.

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