Nagriamel calls for more awareness on AstraZeneca vaccine

Jean Claude Toure Garae, Interim chairman of Port Vila Nagriamel Movement Political Commission

Nagriamel Custom Movement is calling for more awareness on the proposed COVID-19 vaccine.

The Custom Movement also urges the 52 Members of Parliament to think carefully before approving the indemnity motion on the COVID-19 vaccine.

The indemnity is expected to be approved by Parliament on the 20th of April during the First Extraordinary session of 2021. The indemnity will give guarantee to the producers of AstraZeneca that there will be no legal claim if there are adverse effects on people’s health in Vanuatu.

The interim chairman of Port Vila Nagriamel Movement Political Commission, Jean Claude Toure-Garae said people are in total darkness on what AstraZeneca is.

Mr Toure-Garae asked the government to do more awareness to the chiefs and the people in the villages to help them to understand why people in Vanuatu are to be vaccinated if Vanuatu is Covid free.

“If foreigners want to come to Vanuatu, they have to be vaccinated and if Ni-Vanuatu want to travel out, they have to be vaccinated for their protection. This is understandable,” Toure said. He called on the government to put the vaccination on hold for few months to see its results in neighboring countries.

He also questioned why COVID-19 has more than one vaccine. Toure-Gare said he understands that there is only one Panadol — not two or three. The vaccination plan primarily targets the people who are on the frontline in Port Vila, Efate and offshore islands.

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