10 MPs selected to receive bills electronically

Alphalog team and members of in New Caledonia congress along with Vanuatu Parliament staff finalizing everything before implementation, last month.

Ten Members of Parliament (MPs) have been selected by the Parliament Secretariat to receive bills online for the final Second Extraordinary and Second Ordinary Session of Parliament in the 11th Legislature.

They are: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ralph Regenvanu; Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrew Napuat; Minister of Youth and Sport, Francois Chani; Minister of Lands Geology and Mines, Alfred Maoh; MP Marcellino Telukluk; MP Edwin Macreveth; Leader of Opposition Ishmael Kalsakau; MP Kenneth Natapei and MP Jimmy Nipo.

The purpose of implementing Legislative Management Information System (LMIS) isto move out of the paper-based system into a more paperless system with the aim to improve availability of data to serve decision-making needs and consolidate legislative support functions.

It will also leverage technology to enhance transparency and accessibility of policy making processes and establish a permanent digital portal to official legislative and policy-related data.

Currently the distributions of bills are handled by the Parliamentary Secretariat and it is a time-consuming exercise. It has become a major concern for the Secretariat in terms of preparation towards the calling and sitting of Parliament Session.

The Parliament of Vanuatu requires a LMIS which will become the central management of documentation of legislative activity.

The principle areas of concern are the provision, in a form conveniently readable to the Members of Parliament about the Parliamentary Bills, Acts and Orders.

The LMIS should provide better, faster and reliable management of the distribution of the bills and provide an online service whereby MPs can view and download copies of the Bills to their laptops or mobile devices.

The LMIS software was developed by Alphalog in New Caledonia and was funded by Congress of New Caledonia.

A team of the Alphalog and the congress of New Caledonia recently came here and finalized everything with the parliament secretariat staff.

This project will be a plus to the Parliament of Vanuatu, as usually, whenever a Parliament Session convenes, the Speaker always adjourns the parliament to allow more time for MPs to read and understand the Bills before they can be debated.

The realization of this project also will mean that the MPs will not have to provide lame excuses, such as not knowing what Bills will be discussed during the session.

The Parliament Secretariat has purchased iPads for all MPs.

The Second Extraordinary Session of Parliament will commence on the 25th of November to the 6th of December and the Second Ordinary Session will start from December 9 to December 19.

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