MPs access Budget Bill on iPads

The Appropriation Bill for 2021 has been sent to all Members of Parliament (MPs) via their iPads.

This was confirmed by Clerk of Parliament, Raymond Manuake. The MPs should now start preparing themselves for the Budget session of parliament that is expected to start in November. The MPs were also sent print copies of the Bill in both English and French languages.

Speaking to the Daily Post, Clerk Manuake said all 52 MPs were issued an iPad each by the government when swearing in after the general election this year.

This will assist MPs to quickly access the content of the bill, prepare notes for discussions and debate when the Appropriation Bill is tabled in parliament during the Second Ordinary session.

The MPs will also be able to access references on amendments to principal acts when amendments are tabled.

This way they can have, at their leisure, more time to study the bills before they are tabled in parliament for discussions and debate.

It also implies that MPs can contribute more constructively in debate and discussions on the bills.

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