Agri Policy

We are happy to come and support a Government Programme that is in the best interest of the public today because we have been invited to attend and we are more than happy to be here to support such a positive programme.”

The former Minister of Lands, MP Ralph Regenvanu makes the statement after he and MP David Tosul accepted an invitation by the Director General of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity, Howard Aru and the Ministry of ALFFB, to witness the opening of a historic Directorate to integrate all Directors of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity under the Ministry in the former Department of Forests located opposite Port Vila Child Care Centre, followed by the launching of the new Agriculture Policy at the Tagabe Agriculture Station to guide the sector for the next fifteen years.

Former Minister of ALFFB, David Tosul started both projects after successfully overcoming challenging red tape hurdles to pull off the two significant achievements when the Joe Natuman-led Government was toppled in a motion of no confidence early this month.

MP Ralph Regenvanu makes the statement after he and the former Minister were invited to attend the two important programmes last Friday.

The MP says when Government Departments and Institutions organise their celebrations and programmes, they should also consider inviting members of the Opposition to attend because he says they all are a part and parcel of the parliamentary system that is elected by the people.

He thanks the DG and Ministry of ALFFB for inviting them to attend the two important events even though they belong to the Opposition Group.

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