MP Napat to assist Santo Skit Group

The Evergreen Skit group and MP Napat after a performance at the Unity Park stage in Luganville.

The Evergreen Youth skit group of Banban on Santo were blessed during the festive season with the promised gift of a new sound system worth Vt200,000.

Speaking on behalf of the Breakthrough Warriors skit group, MP Jotham Napat pledged to fund a better sound system to support them in their skits ministry.

MP Napat made the statement in front of a crowd celebrating the festive season with Santo residents during a skit led by the famous Port Vila skit group, the Breakthrough Warriors at the Unity Park stage on Luganville.

Breakthrough Warriors skit group celebrated the festive season visiting some rural Santo communities and the Luganville community through songs and spiritual skits.

The Evergreen skit group composing of mainly children and youth had demonstrated a very skillful and talented performance alongside the Breakthrough Warriors, impressing MP Napat.

“Believe in these talented youths, many of them have skills and they can touch lives of other people through their experiences, therefore it is proper to invest on them,” said MP Napat.

The Evergreen skit group derives from a small church group called the Evergreen Full Gospel who witness to other youths through skits.

Church Pastor of Evergreen full gospel group, Pastor Solomon Tabi thanked MP Napat and the Breakthrough Warriors for their willingness to assist the group’s biggest vision to tour SANMA and other nearby islands.

“It is an answered prayer and a joy to know that God worked through MP Napat and the Breakthrough Warriors to assist the Evergreen skit youth group in providing what they will mostly need to help in their ministry, spreading the gospel through skits,” he said.

“The involvement of youths in groups like this can make them become better citizens. I encourage all youths who are doing nothing at home to get involved in such activities.”

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