MP Napat helps low risk detainees

MP Napat shaking hands with MALAMPA’s representative Victor Rory during the handing over of local food to the low risk prisoners. Photo: Jotham Napat/FB

A local Parliamentarian has set an example of a farmer who produces massively in agriculture and who also shares what he has in his garden to those who are in need.

Member of Parliament for Tanna, Jotham Napat made MALAMPA Day celebrations a reality for low risk prisoners at the Stade Correctional Centre when he supplied to them with local food and a pork leg.

He told Daily Post that he was in his garden at Club Hippique on Saturday, October 10 when he received a call from the low risk centre.

“I don’t know how my phone number was given to the low risk prisoners but someone at the other end told me that they needed food to share to mark MALAMPA Day,” the Tanna MP who is also President of the Leaders Party of Vanuatu said.

The call for him was important as he immediately took local food from his garden and a cut from a pig he just killed, put them in this truck and drove to the low risk centre.

“I stopped at the entrance of the Correctional Centre and asked the officer in charge whether I am permitted to see and to give food to the prisoners,” MP Napat shared.

“He agreed and let me go inside with the food items.”

The MP said he informed the low risk prisoners that if they need local food like cabbage, manioc and kumala (potatoes), they can arrange with Correctional officers on duty so that he can harvest from his garden and deliver to them free of charge.

Reports received from the low risk facility said the detainees appreciated what MP Napat did to them following their request, as they felt they were part of MALAMPA Day celebration.

This is the first time that a political leader reacted quickly to generously supply local food to these people who have been convicted and are serving their sentences in the Correctional facility.

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