MP Julun Government Joker: PM

PM Loughman has described former Opposition MP Edmond Julun (r) as the government’s Joker after his move to boost government numbers. Pictured is Fourth Deputy Speaker Assang Sannick (l) and MP Julun, both from Malekula recently receiving a weaved basket and a petition to help the community at Wallarano, Malekula

Prime Minister Bob Loughman has described Member of Parliament Edmon Julun as the government’s Joker, after his move from the Opposition bloc to join the government.

PM Loughman made this remark when presenting the Malekula MP to the community of Wallarano last week during a visit requested by Speaker of Parliament, Gracia Shadrack.

After presenting a custom ceremony to the work with the government, MP Julun followed the government delegation to Wallarano.

Many of the people of Wallarano were surprised to see MP Julun with the government delegation as in the past he was not part of the PM’s visits to other areas on Malekula.

They were shocked when PM Loughman announced publicly that the Malekula MP has decided to work with the government.

When introducing his cabinet ministers and MPs he then said that MP Julun is the government’s trump card.

“I present to you the Malekula MP who has decided to work with the government, he is the government’s 7 lock or the Jocker, 28+1 and brings the total of government MPs to 29 who are ready for the upcoming ordinary session of parliament,” PM Loughman said.

On the same day, Minister of Public Utilities Jay Ngwele and his group — G10 — welcomed MP Julun for a discussion and the following morning, the Malekula MP performed a custom ceremony to the group. With the increase the group is now called G11.

PM Loughman, cabinet minister and government backbenchers are now confident to pass the 13 bills ready for this year’s Second Ordinary Session that will commence on the 5th of November. Daily Post understands the summons will be issued today.

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