MP Saemon with all of his chairmen around malekula at RCC congress at Lawa village

MP Saimon with all of his chairmen around Malekula during RCC congress at Lawa village

Two months before the term of the country's 11th legislature ends, many Members of Parliament are now visiting their constituencies as they prepare for polling day on March 19, 2020.

After resigning as Speaker of Parliament earlier this year, MP Esmon Saimon took the opportunity to visit his constituents starting from northwest to northeast Malekula.

During his recent constitutional tour as Speaker early this year, he received a lot of requests from people on Southeast to Northwest of Malekula.

"I am always happy to receive requests but unfortunately the total amount of all the requests exceeds my financial capacity as an MP,” MP Saimon said.

“I am sorry, the total costs after collecting all the invoices is Vt14 million.”

He explained to his chairmen around Malekula who attended the Vanua’aku Pati Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC) meeting yesterday that his MP allocation is only Vt3 million per year.

"VT14 million worth of requests with only one VP MP in this constituency presents a very difficult challenge for me but i am visiting my communities and giving a small portion of money and few materials to the villages who requested different items,” MP Saimon said. 

“I am sorry, this is only what i can do with my allocation, even with my salary and also my business which contributes a lot.” 

An MP is entitled to VT12 million allocation in one legislature, which means VT3 million per year.

Many communities requested community hall, iron roofing sheets, tanks and so forth but the overall costs exceed the MP’s capacity. 

"When requesting iron roofing sheets i want to see communities working on the foundations, walls then i can provide iron roofing sheets,” he said.  “I have seen rusted iron roofing sheets today because nothing was done. This must stop.”

He added his gratuity payment is only VT8 million.

During 2016 until today, MP Saimon has been working tirelessly in implementing VP Kambak Policy and as a result the number of VP’s proposed candidates contesting next year's election has increased.

"Vanua’aku Pati will field four candidates. They are Diana Willie, Simeon Kaltaliu, Tony Arthur and myself,” he said. “if everyone is successful, it will help with the requests of the people.”

MP Saimon has a good reputation on Malekula and he believes VP will be successful in next year's election.



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