Member of Parliament (MP) for Efate Rural and Leader of Government Business, Anatole Hymak and Government Whip and MP for Port Vila constituency, Kenneth Natapei, have deposited another motion yesterday morning.

Yesterday's motion was deposited to challenge the announcement and statement made by the Speaker of Parliament, Gracia Shadrack, in parliament last Friday.

That is the 13th motion of 2021.

The purpose of the motion is to move the parliament to rectify and correct Shadrack's announcement of Friday 4th June.

Hymak and Natapei said in their motion that the Constitution Article 21(5) provides that Parliament shall make its own rules of procedure.

They said that Parliament was convened for the first ordinary session of parliament.

Parliament was convened on Tuesday June 1, Wednesday June 2 and Thursday June 3.

Hymak and Natapei said that on such mentioned dates as Parliament was convened, all the members of parliament of the government side were in attendance and present at each sitting day.

They said that Speaker Shadrack made an announcement and statement to the effect that Members of Parliament on the Government side were absent for three consecutive sittings of Parliament on June 1, June 2 and June 3.

They said that MPs affected by this announcement and statement now seek to rectify and correct the statement made by Shadrack by way of resolution and vote.

Hymak and Natapei said that Standing Orders 43 (1) provides that a member who wish to move a written motion must give written notice thereof by delivering to the clerk a copy of the motion in French and English signed by the member and by one of the members acting as seconder not less than two days before the day on which the member intends to move the motion.

Hymak and Natapei claimed that Shadrack made an incorrect and misrepresentation of the true facts and parliament by resolution moves this motion that the Speaker's announcement and statement on parliament records as regards members of parliament being absent from three consecutive parliamentary sittings be deleted. The duo demanded in their motion that parliamentary records be rectified and corrected so as to read that members of parliament affected by such announcement were present in the Parliament for the three consecutive parliamentary sittings.

Meanwhile, Parliament is expected to debate this morning the motion to remove MP Shadrack as Speaker of Parliament as well as debate the motion of no confidence to remove Bob Loughman as Prime Minister.

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