Ambassador Medrek of Norocco, presents his letters of credence to Vanuatu Head of State, President Obed Tallis.

Ambassador Karim Medrek, of Morocco, presents his letters of credence to Vanuatu Head of State, President Obed Tallis.

The Morocco Ambassador-designate to Vanuatu, Karim Medrek, assured Vanuatu's Head of State during the presentation of his credentials in Port Vila on Tuesday that, he will be focusing, during his mission, on the promotion of economic relations.

“I will be focusing, during my mission, on the promotion of economic relations by relying on the potential and interesting opportunities provided for us in order to reinforce our ties in the fields such as agriculture, tourism, education, environment and public health among others, as stipulated in the Action Plan on Cooperation Program between Morocco and Vanuatu and the Pacific Island states,” said Ambassador, Karim Medrek.

He stated this when presenting his letters of credentials to President Obed Tallis.

“I will spare no effort to develop and strengthen the relations between our two countries through more potential dialogue, trade, investment, cultural interaction and people to people relations,” Ambassador Medrek stressed.

Based in Canberra, Australia, Ambassador Medrek, told President Tallis that Vanuatu is a very special place on the world map and that he wished he could come more often either officially or personally to visit Vanuatu.

“Due to the fact that our official relations are relatively new, we can deduce that our business communities still have a lot of things to learn about each other.

"While taking a look at the patterns of our economics, we can notice that we have common features in a number of areas.

"Besides, the potential of growth in both countries in terms of trade and two-way investments is quite promising,” Ambassador Medrek assured.

“Morocco is both politically and economically one of the most stable countries in the Middle East and North Africa region, thanks to the reforms initiated by His Majesty the King.

"Morocco has made human and social development, equality and social justice for all Moroccans, its main priority.

"The Kingdom of Morocco proved to be resilient due to its economic openness and political will to make of South-South Cooperation a success story in a difficult global context,” the Moroccan Ambassador expressed to the Head of State.

Medrek also assured the Vanuatu Head of State that Morocco attaches importance on climate change.

“In the framework of this South-South Cooperation, the Kingdom of Morocco attaches a special importance to the fight against the effects of climate change as reflected by its hosting the 22nd Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

"In this regard, Morocco remains willing to cooperate with Vanuatu to tackle the common challenges in this area,” Ambassador Medrek assures President Tallis.

In his closing remarks, the Morocco Ambassador assured that his country maintains friendly relations with the Pacific Island States despite the geographical distance. He said bilateral relations have witnessed positive development in recent years with the organization of new editions of the Pacific Islands Forum in Morocco which constitutes a good platform to examine concrete projects in an innovative format.

“This forum has opened up new perspectives and opportunities for cooperation and has been marked by a joint statement calling for strengthening of bilateral relations, cooperation and coordination with all its member countries.

"The strong believe in complementary is among the basic principles of Morocco Foreign Policy.

"Therefore, our relations will be based on regular consultations and dialogue, since Morocco and Vanuatu are active members in numerous international organizations.

"Besides, both countries can create innovative frameworks for partnership on the basis of the common areas to be jointly identified,” the Morocco Ambassador said.

He hopes to visit Vanuatu more during his term as Morocco Ambassador to Vanuatu.

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