More workers enter Australia, New Zealand labour schemes

Three outbound international flights left over the first week of January 2021 with Ni-Vanuatu workers to Australia.

Each flight carried around 162 workers going to work under the Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) in Australia.

The fourth flight is expected to leave on January 19, also bound for Australia.

The workers travelling to Australia this year are expected to spend three years working on farms where there is currently shortage of Labour workforce.

Four flights are scheduled to carry ni-Vanuatu workers into the RSE Scheme in New Zealand next month.

The flights are scheduled for February 1, 6, 10 and 14.

According to Department of Labour officials, each flight is expected to carry 162 workers to work on New Zealand farms and their duration of employment is around 7 to 9 months.

The Labour Department advises ni-Vanuatu who wish to take up employment opportunities in either Australia or New Zealand to seek advice with the Department on authorized recruiting agencies, because some people are luring workers to pay them money in exchange of renewing passports and flight booking arrangements but are not recognized nor authorized agents.

Labour Department officials say there are likely to be more employment opportunities opening up in Australia and New Zealand after March 2021 onwards.

The Australian High Commission office in Port Vila added, “So far in January 2021 there have been three flights to Australia for workers to take up opportunities under the Seasonal Worker Programme and Pacific Labour Scheme. These flights have seen more than 470 ni-Vanuatu workers travel to Australia for employment opportunities. There is another flight being planned for 19 January and further flights in coming months.

“The deployment of these workers is a testament to the strength of the Australia-Vanuatu relationship and the importance of labour mobility to our two countries as we stand together in response to COVID-19.”

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