Brian Russell donating Wheechairs to VCH and VSDP

Brian Russell donating Wheelchairs to the VCH and the VSDP, witnessed by friends of Vanuatu Island Traders.

For Brian Russell, it is more than doing normal business in the islands. His interest goes deeper into the heart of Vanuatu. He wants to see ni-Vanuatu business men and women take control of businesses in the rural communities as well as take an equal business platform in the urban sectors. He believes that, with every support they can get, the Ni-Vans can become successful in every business endeavor.

Brian Russell, started coming to Vanuatu, as a tourist over a long period of time, while maintaining own family business in Australia. His passion for the Pacific Islands took him to Tonga and the Solomon Islands where he established business there. But when he visited Vanuatu for the first time, admired the people, their cultures, smiles of the people the warmth and friendliness of the people. So, he decided to come and settle in Port Vila, do business in the country but more than that is to help the Ni-Vans becoming successful in business world.

Three years ago, in 2016, Brian Russell, established a hardware on the road to Teouma, and called it Vanuatu Island Traders. The VIT, today supplies housing materials of high quality at competitive prices, mainly to enable Ni-Vans to be able to afford housing materials to build homes in Port Vila and anywhere in the islands.

Already he has established branches in Santo, Malekula, Tanna, Efate and moving to establish branches further north and south, closer to the grassroots in the rural communities.

“I first came to Vanuatu in 2000, and kept coming back until now, I have settled down here in Port Vila. For me this is a place to be, and my family love the islands and the people. We want to do more for the people. We want to do everything we can to see Ni-Vanuatu people get more involved and successful in doing business in this country, their own country,” he said smiling from his home in Club Hippique. He indicated that his wish is; one to push the Ni-Vans up in whatever business ventures and as well as have access to housing materials and every thing they can get to better their life.

Already he had donated wheelchairs to the Vila Central Hospital, the Vanuatu Disable Society, and Air Vanuatu. He promised to continue helping the people and the country in this and other ways.

“We want to see Ni-Vanuatu afford housing materials as well as set up and do businesses themselves and going successful,” he said pointing to wide range of building materials, petrolium drums with seven -fold seems, stainless steel drums for honey, chemicals and essential oil, insulated roofing and fabricated materials and whole sale materials.

“We have more to offer to the people of Vanuatu at a competitive- prices, because we want to see the Ni-Vanuatu people afford to build homes and expand business and become successful. We want to work closely with the national government and the provincial government councils in line with the government decentralization and the people in the islands and villages,” says Russell.

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